Will And Grace - Season 6


Will & Grace are best friends. Will is a gay lawyer and Grace is a straight interior designer. They both live in New York. Grace is engaged to a real jerk, but when that relationship falls apart, she moves in with Will. This is only supposed to be until Grace finds a place of her own, but she and Will end up with each other as permanent roommates. Also in the cast are Jack, Will's flamboyant gay friend and Karen, Grace's secretary/assistant who doesn't really need to work because she married money several times.
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S6E24 - OhNoYou Di-In't (2)

Opting to forego a picturesque fall wedding and elope in Las Vegas, ..

S6E23 - I Do (1)

Opting to forgo a picturesque fall wedding to elope in Las Vegas, Ka..

S6E22 - Speechless

On the eve of his graduation from nursing school, a nervous Jack tur..

S6E21 - I Never Cheered F..

Responding to the pleas of his father's mistress-turned-girlfriend T..

S6E20 - 06x20 - Fred Asta..

Smitten with his new boyfriend Vince, Will puts his relationship to ..

S6E19 - 06x19 - No Sex 'N..

Tip-toeing through his budding relationship, an apprehensive Will ma..

S6E18 - 6x18

Searching for a movie-watching pal after Stuart opts out, Jack invit..

S6E17 - 06x17 - East Side..

Will and Grace ride the success of their recent real-estate venture ..

S6E16 - 06x16 - Flip-Flop..

Enjoying the success of their new business venture, entrepreneurs Wi..

S6E15 - 6x15

Dynamic enterprisers Will and Grace begin a new business venture as ..

S6E14 - 6x14

Will decides to further his cooking skills by taking a class and inv..

S6E13 - 6X13

Love is in the air as Will's slightly eccentric new client falls for..

S6E12 - A Gay/December Ro..

Attending a local gallery opening, Will catches the eye of a rich pl..

S6E11 - The Accidental Ts..

When Grace's rebellious, free-loading older sister Janet comes to to..

S6E10 - 06x10 - Fanilow

Opting out of the annual Grace Adler Design Christmas party, ultimat..

S6E9 - 06x09 - Strangers ..

Hoping to cheer up Grace, a well-dressed Will takes his best friend ..

S6E8 - 06x08 - Swimming f..

When Grace returns back to New York for her mother's birthday, Will ..

S6E7 - 06x07 - Nice in Wh..

Will learns that Karen missed her physical, so he takes her to one o..

S6E6 - 06x06 - Heart Like..

Continuing his new role as caretaker for a disabled Marilyn, a resen..

S6E5 - 06x05 - A-StoryBee..

Depressed over his decision to leave Doctors Without Borders, Leo tu..

S6E4 - 06x04 - Me and Mr...

Earning a brief speaking role in an off Broadway play, Jack shares t..

S6E3 - 06x03 - Home Court..

When Grace and Leo join Karen for a friendly game of tennis at her e..

S6E2 - 06x02 - Last Ex to..

When Leo invites his hip and trendy ex-girlfriend to a friendly dinn..

S6E1 - 06x01 - Dames at Sea

Will and Jack awake in a precarious position - sharing a bed in the ..