Will And Grace - Season 1


Will & Grace are best friends. Will is a gay lawyer and Grace is a straight interior designer. They both live in New York. Grace is engaged to a real jerk, but when that relationship falls apart, she moves in with Will. This is only supposed to be until Grace finds a place of her own, but she and Will end up with each other as permanent roommates. Also in the cast are Jack, Will's flamboyant gay friend and Karen, Grace's secretary/assistant who doesn't really need to work because she married money several times.
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S1E22 - Object Of My Reje..

Will is stunned to discover that Grace is dating her ex-fiance Danny..

S1E21 - Alley Cats

When Rob and Ellen admit that they don't have fun playing games with..

S1E20 - Saving Grace

A successful and arrogant New York publicist hires Grace to decorate..

S1E19 - Will Works Out

Will invites Jack to his gym on a "buddy pass," but when he expresse..

S1E18 - GraceReplaced

Will finds a "substitute Grace" in Val, a new neighbour who is avail..

S1E17 - Secrets and Lies

The gang retreats to a cabin in Vermont for the weekend, where Grace..

S1E16 - YoursMineor Ours

Stunned to find they have a 'date' with the same guy, Will and Grace..

S1E15 - Big Brother is Co..

A wary Grace tells Will of her romance with his brother, Sam, and un..

S1E14 - Big Brother is Co..

A "surprise" birthday party for Jack astounds Will when his estrange..

S1E13 - The Unsinkable Mo..

Grace's visiting mom, Bobbi Adler, a would-be star whose propensity ..

S1E12 - My Fair Maid-y

Will hires a cleaning lady to "rescue" his designing roommate Grace ..

S1E11 - Will On Ice

It's Will's birthday and all he wants is a nice, quiet dinner with h..

S1E10 - The Big Vent

Will and Grace become hooked on a real-life soap opera unfolding in ..

S1E9 - The Truth About Wi..

After Grace defies Will's wishes and brings home a puppy, Will can't..

S1E8 - The Buying Game

Grace has the opportunity to buy the studio that serves as her offic..

S1E7 - Where There's a Wi..

Grace blames her relationship with Will as the reason for her lack o..

S1E6 - WilliamTell

When Jack reveals to Grace that Will once had an affair with a "clie..

S1E5 - Boo! Humbug

Will and Grace plan to spend a serious Halloween together watching I..

S1E4 - Between a Rock and..

When Grace decorates Harlin's apartment, she gets carried away with ..

S1E3 - Head Case

When Grace moves in with Will, she complains that the guest bathroom..

S1E2 - A New Lease on Life

Will must decide whether to support Grace's independence by encourag..

S1E1 - Love & Marriage

When Grace receives an unexpected marriage proposal from her boyfrie..