Shameless US - Season 2


An alcoholic man lives in a perpetual stupor while his six children cope as best they can.
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S2E12 - Fiona Interrupted

Jimmy gets back into Fiona's good graces and decides to have her mee..

S2E11 - Just Like the Pil..

Fiona's Thanksgiving plans get put on the back burner when Frank tri..

S2E10 - A Great Cause

With Monica around and pitching in, Fiona is able to devote more tim..

S2E9 - Hurricane Monica

Monica blows back into town and immediately hooks up with Frank for ..

S2E8 - Parenthood

While Jody and Sheila comfort a dying Grammy, Frank steps out and st..

S2E7 - A Bottle of Jean N..

Jasmine throws an end-of-summer blowout and invites Fiona down to Da..

S2E6 - Can I Have a Mother

Debbie's day at day care takes a wild turn with the arrival of Gramm..

S2E5 - Father's Day

When Eddie Jackson's body turns up, Frank thinks he should be in lin..

S2E4 - A Beautiful Mess

After sleeping with Craig, Fiona is unprepared for the arrival of hi..

S2E3 - I'll Light a Candl..

Fiona hopes her moral compass isn't leading her astray when she reco..

S2E2 - Summer Loving

Frank spots a potential sugar momma in a bar patron named Dottie, wh..

S2E1 - Summertime

In the second-season premiere, following her breakup with Steve, Fio..