Ray Donovan - Season 5


Ray Donovan, a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in LA, can make anyone's problems disappear except those created by his own family.
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S5E12 - Time Takes a Ciga..

Season finale. Ray goes to New York to arrange an illicit surgery th..

S5E11 - Michael

Ray searches for Frank Barnes in an attempt to get Bridget out of ja..

S5E10 - Bob the Builder

Ray and Terry put their differences aside to try and fix Bunchy's pr..

S5E9 - Mister Lucky

Natalie's fame puts Ray's career in jeopardy when, for the first tim..

S5E8 - Horses

A last-ditch medical trial sends Ray on a dark mission in New York. ..

S5E7 - If I Should Fall f..

For Bunchy's sake, Ray is forced to step in and save Mickey from him..

S5E6 - Shelley Duvall

Abby makes a shocking decision that reverberates throughout the fami..

S5E5 - Shabbos Goy

Ray's therapy is at odds with the high-stakes power struggle between..

S5E4 - Sold

Mickey's screenwriting dreams stall out - until he's pulled into a g..

S5E3 - Dogwalker

Ray cleans up Natalie's mess, but at home he struggles to reconnect ..

S5E2 - Las Vegas

Movie star, Natalie James hires Ray to protect her from an abusive h..

S5E1 - Abby

Ray begins court-ordered anger management after a family tragedy spa..