Ray Donovan - Season 4


Ray Donovan, a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in LA, can make anyone's problems disappear except those created by his own family.
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S4E12 - Rattus Rattus

Ray attempts to play his adversaries against each other. Season fina..

S4E11 - Chinese Algebra

Ray's latest attempt to save Avi and square his debts to the mob tak..


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S4E9 - Goodbye Beautiful

When the head of the Russian mob arrives to find out what really hap..

S4E8 - The Texan

After a public declaration from Marisol, Hector's rematch with Whitt..

S4E7 - Norman Saves the W..

Searching for a way to get Mickey out of prison, Ray turns to an old..

S4E6 - Fish and Bird

Ray finds himself in a holding pattern, waiting to see if Belikov wi..

S4E5 - Get Even Before Le..

With the Russian mob threatening his family, Ray finds himself on a ..

S4E4 - Federal Boobie Ins..

Looking for leverage to get the Russian mob off his back, Ray pays a..

S4E3 - Little Bill Primm'..

An intruder breaks into the Donovan household, forcing the family cl..

S4E2 - Marisol

Ray helps Hector handle a person from his past who risks unearthing ..