Ray Donovan - Season 3


Ray Donovan, a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in LA, can make anyone's problems disappear except those created by his own family.
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S3E12 - Exsuscito

Abby and Terry tell Ray the truth about Bridget.


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S3E10 - One Night in Yere..

Ray comes up with a solution for Mickey; Bridget gets into a fight.

S3E9 - The Octopus

Bunchy's wedding is threatened by an attempt to coax Mickey out of h..

S3E8 - Tulip

Romero challenges Ray to repent for his sins.

S3E7 - All Must Be Loved

Romero contacts Ray; Bunchy joins Mickey against the Minassians.

S3E6 - Swing Vote

In order to protect his NFL interests, Ray must ensure Verona's Elec..

S3E5 - Handshake Deal

A rift forms between Finney and Paige because of Ray's new mission.

S3E4 - Breakfast of Champ..

Terry tries to adjust to life outside of prison; Paige attempts to s..

S3E3 - Come and Knock on ..

Ray and Mickey make a desperate attempt to get Terry released from p..

S3E2 - Ding

Paige Finney calls Ray to protect a quarterback; Lena considers quit..

E1 – “The Kalamazoo”

Ray attempts to help a wealthy family get their kidnapped son back. ..