Most Terrifying Places in America


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S1E7 - Volume 7

Locations in this episode include:
- Route 44, Rehoboth, Mass..

S1E6 - Volume 6

Locations visited in this episode include:
- Mineral Springs ..

S1E5 - Volume 5

Locations visited in this episode include:
* Lake Shawnee, L..

S1E4 - Volume 4

Visit the Liar's Club in Chicago, Illinois where numerous murders h..

S1E3 - Volume 3

Visit Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado built on top of a graveyard..

S1E2 - Volume 2

In Part 2, visit the Shanghai Tunnels underneath the city of Portlan..

S1E1 - Volume 1

Visit the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado the place that insp..