Judge Judy - Season 23


Judge Judy Sheindlin, a former judge from New York, tackles real-life small claims cases with her no nonsense attitude in which damages of no more than $5,000 can be awarded. Also by her ...
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S23E36 - Dog Abuse vs. Pu..

A teenager enters into her first dog breeding contract only to be ac..

S23E35 -Love Triangle Van..

A woman accuses the ex-lover of her current boyfriend of ramming her..

S23E34 -Winner Winner Chi..

A gambler wins a cruise but makes the wrong choice in traveling comp..

S23E33 -Unbelievable Semi..

A man claims he sent a photo of his wife to his ex-girlfriend; a fam..

S23E32 -Emotional Vandal ..

A landlord claims one of his tenants attacked his home with a knife;..

S23E31 -Shameful Squatter..

A woman's two dogs allegedly attack a landlord; a tree-trimmer is ac..

S23E30 - Vicious Pit Bull..

A woman brings to court her surviving dog and the ashes of a Yorkie ..

S23E29 -Horse Put Down by..

A woman can't keep up with costs to care for her beloved former show..

S23E28 -Great Pyrenees At..

A young man says a very large dog attacked him at the front door whe..

S23E27 -Tag Team for Chil..

A man reaches out to his grandfather for help in his fight to retain..

S23E26 -Heartbreaking Dog..

A woman breaks down after hearing the judge's verdict in regard to h..

S23E25 -Hypodermic Needle..

Slander, toxic trash and a major disagreement over property lines co..

S23E24 - Used and Confuse..

A woman buys a used car as is but doesn't fully understand the meani..

S23E23 - Your Husband Is ..

A woman sues her boyfriend's estranged wife for false arrest, claimi..

S23E22 -Dog Owner Laughs ..

A woman claims she was viciously attacked by a neighbor's large dog;..

S23E21 -Tooth Knocked Out..

When an unleashed French bulldog runs toward two leashed Labs, their..

S23E20 -Children in Kitch..

When three unsupervised children annoy a roommate, an alleged assaul..

S23E19 -Teen Buys Stolen ..

A man hunts down the alleged family that stole his dirt bike from hi..

S23E18 -Bad Driver Caught..

A woman is unaware that security camera footage pegs her as the driv..

S23E17 -Car Wash Road Rag..

A senior citizen is accused of spewing profanity and punching a car;..

S23E16 - Back Child Suppo..

A woman helps out her new online boyfriend, who promises payback fro..

S23E15 - Why Are You Wome..

The Judge questions two women about their romantic choices when horr..

S23E14 -Where's the Love?..

Separated parents fight over a tax refund and the cost of clothes; a..

S23E13 -Alcohol Poisoning..

A young man must explain how to play drinking games; a food consulta..

S23E12 -Limo Driver Pumme..

An allegedly irate passenger claims reckless driving threw he and hi..

S23E11 -Oh How I Wish I H..

A woman sues her former friend's boyfriend for allegedly posting nud..

S23E10 -When the Marine I..

A Marine sues his ex-friend for allegedly stealing his gun and damag..

S23E9 -Wildest Explanatio..

A woman is sued for the unpaid balance on a car; a man's roommate wa..

S23E8 - Pool Fraud?!; Rai..

A married couple sue the former owner of their home over failure to ..

S23E7 - Sexual Assault Al..

The Judge takes a woman's allegations against her boss very seriousl..

S23E6 -Teenager's New Hom..

The previous owner of a mobile home accidentally burns it down befor..

S23E5 -Blatant Cheater?!

A woman buys a car for her fiancé then repossess it two days later ..

S23E4 -Botched Tattooed E..

A woman sues for damages after her microblading treatment allegedly ..

S23E3 -Man Claws His Own ..

A woman claims she was falsely arrested for domestic violence; a pre..

S23E2 - Baby in Danger?!

A man sues his ex-girlfriend for throwing a glass bottle at him whil..

S23E1 - Surprise Police D..

A man is accused of road rage and fleeing the scene of an accident; ..