Judge Judy - Season 22


Judge Judy Sheindlin, a former judge from New York, tackles real-life small claims cases with her no nonsense attitude in which damages of no more than $5,000 can be awarded. Also by her ...
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S22E256 - When Pink Floyd..

When a woman asks her roommate the whereabouts of an LP, he says he ..

S22E255 - Crazy Reminder..

A landlord signals that money is owed by turning his tenant's po..

S22E254 - Black Mold Mess..

A woman and her girlfriend claim ex-roommates backed out of their le..

S22E253 - I Want My Mong..

When pet owners neglect to neuter their dogs, they end up with a lit..

S22E252 - Dog Trainer Tra..

A woman hires a dog trainer but then refuses to pay because she wasn..

S22E251 - Brother from An..

A man is accused of wrecking a car; a woman sues a man after he alle..

S22E250 - Dog Blinded at ..

A dog loses an eye while in kennel care; a woman claims her car was ..

S22E249 - Jet Ski Fiasco!..

Rented jet skis are allegedly returned in damaged condition; three w..

S22E248 - Buyer's Remorse..

A woman sues her former friends for slander; a young woman is accuse..

S22E247 - Assault Rifle M..

A son sues his mother's caregiver for damages; dueling mothers alleg..

S22E246 - Widower with Sp..

A father sues the woman he hired to care for his child; the Judge wa..

S22E245 - Parents Fight O..

A divorced couple spends thousands of dollars to get the best possib..

S22E244 - Ex-Girlfriends'..

A woman is allegedly assaulted while trying to retrieve her dog from..

S22E243 - Bad Boy Fixatio..

A woman demands payback for bailing an ex-lover out of jail; a woman..

S22E242 - 'Cute Way to Se..

The sale of alcohol, a pay-to-play talent show and Facebook slander ..

S22E241 - Eight Kids Is E..

A mother of five is left stranded with three additional children whe..

S22E240 - Designer Breed ..

When a miniature Maltese/poodle grows to be larger than expected, th..

S22E239 - Pool Blowout!; ..

A pool service provider accuses a client of drastically changing the..

S22E238 - The Diamond Qui..

A diamond expert and his ex-wife feud over gems; a basketball player..

S22E237 - Crying Jag Over..

A woman breaks down while describing how her niece takes advantage o..

S22E236 - Moving Company ..

A woman says movers damaged her prized lamp, from Paris; a man lets ..

S22E235 - Retaliatory Ten..

When departure from an apartment doesn't work out according to a ten..

S22E234 -Mothers to the R..

Two families fight over dueling restraining orders after sons get in..

S22E233 -Bully or Best Fr..

A loving mother explains her teen son's inability to understand how ..

S22E232 -Pit Bull Mating ..

A woman sues her former friend for profits from a litter of puppies ..

S22E231 -Poorly Performin..

Unwed parents fight over a tax return, jail time, job loss and drug ..

S22E230 -DepressionDrinki..

An emotional discussion about death turns into accusations of a chok..

S22E229 - Teens Terrorize..

Teenagers rumored to have a history with the police are accused of d..

S22E228 - Motorcycle Raci..

A man fighting colon cancer accuses his son of motorcycle theft and ..

S22E227 - Mom's Million D..

When a woman comes into money, she offers to help her truck-driving ..

S22E226 - Daycare Assault..

A fight breaks out when a daycare owner tries to collect payment; a ..

S22E225 -Mystery of the M..

A woman gets emotionally overwrought when the judge asks her to prod..

S22E224 -Death at the Cat..

A woman with feral cats sues a neighbor whose large dogs killed thre..

S22E223 - The Ultimate Ne..

A woman claims that her neighbors tore down her fence in the middle ..

S22E222 - Woman Takes Tum..

A woman says she was injured when steps gave way on her property bec..

S22E221 - Machine Operato..

A woman says she was hit up for loans by her daughter, who doesn't s..

S22E220 - Pre-Valentine's..

A young woman says her ex-boyfriend threatened to post photos of her..

S22E219 - Baby Formula fo..

A woman accuses her ex-friend of posting nude photos of her daughter..

S22E218 - Service Dog Att..

A young girl is dragged to the ground when her leashed dog takes off..

S22E216 - I'm Moving Back..

A homeowner accuses tenants of damaging the property; motorists figh..

S22E215 -Overcrowding Cha..

When a roommate's relatives invade a man's living-room space, police..

S22E214 -Endangered Child..

A full-time Uber driver is accused of not paying a dime in child sup..

S22E213 - The Service Dog..

A woman says a friend's pet mauled her service dog; a teen says her ..

S22E212 - College Teacher..

An ex-lover sues a college teacher for repayment of thousands of dol..

S22E211 - Kindergarten Te..

A teacher says her ex-boyfriend came to her home drunk and tried to ..

S22E198 - Irresponsible C..

A woman fights with her mother and step-father over the payback of h..

S22E197 - Bed Rest Made M..

A woman claims poor health forced her to miss car payments; a teen d..

S22E196 - Man With 12 Sis..

Nine women accuse their roommate of assault; a woman sues her neighb..

S22E195 - Puppy Death Dra..

When a German Shepard puppy dies, pet owners blame the breeder; a wo..

S22E194 - Girlfriend's Hi..

Wine stains cover a wall after a fight gets physical between lovers;..

S22E193 - Frightened Moth..

A woman claims she was frightened for her and her children's lives b..

S22E192 - Karma and the C..

A man wants to keep the camera his ex-lover allegedly gifted to him;..

S22E191 - I Was in Rehab ..

A determined woman is outraged that her ex-friend demands the return..

S22E190 - Brandishing a G..

A purebred cat is allegedly left to fend for itself; a massive pile ..

S22E189 - Open Relationsh..

A man sues over an alleged false arrest; the death of 50 chickens by..

S22E188 - Dreaded Secret ..

A man buying a car for his son never imagined that it had a $3,000 t..

S22E187 - Drive to Churc..

A simple carpool to worship services ends in an auto accident and a ..

S22E186 - Rumors of Arson..

A day after disgruntled tenants move out, their previous home goes u..

S22E185 - Gorgeous Engag..

When the price of a ring goes up by thousands of dollars, a woman su..

S22E184 - When the Aggre..

A tenant accuses her landlord of ignoring a rat infestation and stop..

S22E183 - Marital Debt Dr..

A woman is met with rage when she goes after her estranged daughter-..

S22E182 - I'm Glad I Had ..

When a woman sells her daughter a used car for profit, then reposses..

S22E181 - Mother Teresa T..

A woman claims she never hit a fellow motorist's vehicle but offered..

S22E180 - Guess What a Pi..

A big dog reportedly comes flying out of his home and attacks a pood..

S22E179 - Shih Tzu Comes ..

Accusations of drunken driving, a puppy custody battle and an hyster..

S22E178 - Smashed and Bas..

A man accuses his ex of smashing out his car windows, but she claims..

S22E177 - YesI Attacked H..

Two women with children by the same man go after each other in a fig..

S22E176 - Transgender Art..

Ex-girlfriends fight over commercialization of personal artwork inte..

S22E175 - Cheerleading Na..

A nanny wants repayment for thousands of dollars she lent her employ..

S22E174 - I Wanted to See..

A teenager accused of stealing thousands of dollars from his grandmo..

S22E173 - Video of Assaul..

A woman charges at the father of her child, jumps on his back and be..

S22E172 - The Stabbed Mat..

After reportedly destroying property in a fit of rage, a woman break..

S22E170 - Dog Loses Eye a..

A model says her emotional-support dog was attacked by a German shep..

S22E169 - What if the Chi..

A girl suffers a fractured clavicle after colliding with a moving ve..

S22E168 - Intimate or Not..

A man denies having intimate relations with a woman who says he live..

S22E167 - Restraining Ord..

A woman allegedly uses the family court system to evict a tenant by ..

S22E164 - SobrietyCheap H..

A man claims he was attacked in a sober-living facility; after backi..

S22E163 - Drive Away From..

A single father claims he had to use public property to protect his ..

S22E162 - Get Divorced Fa..

A woman accuses her estranged husband of using corporal punishment o..

S22E157 -Fighting After F..

A woman evicts her brother in order to sell her deceased father's ho..

S22E156 - Gestapo Mom Mov..

A landlord says a woman unexpectedly moved in with her son and spied..

S22E153 -Neuter the Puppy..

Concerned about the fate of a Pomeranian puppy, a breeder drives six..

S22E151 - Gruesome Pet Di..

A man finds his beloved dachshund maimed and bleeding in a neighbor'..

S22E150 - Bleached Lawn O..

A landscaper is accused of vandalizing a woman's yard after a disput..

S22E149 - I'm Glad Your C..

Sisters accuse their mother of abuse after she sues them for destroy..

S22E148 - And the Most Ap..

Squirrels in an attic, trash in the basement and tenant identity con..

S22E147 - A Woman's Dying..

A woman is accused of stealing money from her deceased mother's savi..

S22E146 - MurderPrison an..

Children's visits to prison to see their convicted father are at the..

S22E145 - Friends Let Fri..

An evening of tequila-drinking devolves into a reckless car ride tha..

S22E141 - Lying to Brookl..

A woman is accused of making outrageous statements to authorities wh..

S22E140 - Fed-Up Boss!; N..

A boss lends his employees $3,000 so they won't lose their home, the..

S22E139 - Toxic Eye Injur..

A woman claims she was shot in the eye with a liquid sprayer at a gr..

S22E138 - Don’t Clown A..

A father calls his daughter a thief after she reneges on a promise t..

S22E137 - Daddy Debt Depl..

A woman sues her estranged son-in-law for money he received for hous..

S22E136 - House Flipping ..

Friends for over 40 years end their relationship after a deal to ren..

S22E135 - Vicious Pit Bul..

Two pit bull/mastiffs are accused of dragging their owner across the..

S22E134 -Mother of Nine P..

A woman sues her teen daughter and her boyfriend for totaling a car ..

S22E132 - Rough Playgroun..

A daycare provider says her attempt to improve a playground resulted..

S22E131 - Antique Gun He..

Thieves figure out how to open a locked cabinet and get away with a ..

S22E130 - How to Stop You..

A man preemptively educates himself about how to prevent his pit bul..

S22E128 - Attorney Pleads..

An attorney who claims he succeeded in having a difficult tenant evi..

S22E127 - LeaksMold and t..

After a couple is asked to pay for an unauthorized tenant, they comp..

S22E126 - Chihuahua Nabbe..

A man claims a large Australian Shepherd pushed through a fence to b..

S22E125 - The Anti-Sleep..

A woman sues her handyman for alleged vandalism; a woman admits to p..

S22E124 - Homeland Securi..

A case involves alleged abuse of the judicial system, harassment cla..

S22E123 - Victim Payback..

The Judge discovers an intriguing story of alleged fraud and vandali..

S22E122 - Teen Boys Look..

A teenager's car is allegedly beaten with a bat; a man's ex-lover su..

S22E121 - Classic Truck F..

When a woman demands thousands in payback for a truck, her friend sa..

S22E120 - BMW Vandal?!; ..

A woman accuses a teen of vandalizing her car; a cyclist admits that..

S22E119 - Writer vs. Maga..

A writer wants her editor to pay her for articles she submitted, but..

S22E118 -Creepy Jacuzzi O..

A woman accuses her landlord of inappropriate behavior and denies ow..

S22E117 - Stealth Assault..

A man says his neighbor snuck up like a quiet rat, busted his eardru..

S22E116 - Unwed Parents P..

When a woman sues her ex-boyfriend's mother for the return of money ..

S22E115 - Give Me My Spor..

The judge orders a woman to sign over a vehicle to her ex-boyfriend ..

S22E114 - Hazmat Poisonin..

When a retired pest-control worker sprays insect killer on a shared ..

S22E113 - Registered Sex ..

A woman who lost custody of her children after remaining in the same..

S22E112 - Love Triangle D..

Two women team up to surprise their cheating boyfriend; months later..

S22E111 -Short LoveLong L..

A cold-press juicer and a waitress have a whirlwind romance that end..

S22E107 -Study Abroad Fre..

A young man sets off to Paris with his girlfriend only to beg mom fo..

S22E105 - Book Proposal B..

A woman thinks her life would make a fascinating book but says the w..

S22E96 -Incarcerated Mech..

A man confesses he never completed repairs after receiving money to ..

S22E95 - Repo Mama!; Mili..

A woman trying to repossess a vehicle winds up being arrested for br..

S22E94 - Don't Treat Me L..

An independent hairstylist accuses her landlord of treating her like..

S22E93 - Where's My Harle..

A woman hires a friend to sell an $8,000 Harley Davidson for her, bu..

S22E92 - Paraplegic's Dyi..

A man saves money in a lock box to be given to his roommate after he..

S22E91 - Sister Love Gone..

An ongoing feud involving bad credit and an expensive car divides si..

S22E90 - Vindictive Tool ..

Divorcees fight over the return of tools and the cost of their 17-ye..

S22E89 -Fit of Drunken Ra..

A woman says her nephew slammed a log through her bedroom window and..

S22E87 - Repo Skirmish?!

A man claims he was attacked by the repo man when his car was being ..

S22E86 - Disabled Helping..

A woman accused of racking up over $7,000 in charges on her boyfrien..

S22E85 -Busting at the Se..

When a property owner discovers that 24 vacationers will be taking o..

S22E84 - Ambulance Ride R..

A mother sues the father of her five children for an unpaid ambulanc..

S22E83 - Unwed Parents Fe..

Parents of two children fight over alleged vehicle vandalism, bleach..

S22E82 - When Old Friends..

A man claims his friend evicted him when she turned off the electric..

S22E80 - Bulldog Rescue S..

A woman claims her charity was forced to close after alleged interne..

S22E75 - BedbugsRoaches a..

A mother and daughter fight over damages to a rental property; a wom..

S22E74 -Snake in the Base..

When a frightened 6-year-old claims to have spotted a snake in his h..

S22E72 - Security Guards ..

A woman takes in a homeless co-worker, who she claims destroyed her ..

S22E71 - Knife Fight! Par..

The judge questions a pregnant woman's need to bring a concealed wea..

S22E70 -From Homeless to ..

A young woman moves in with her employer, whom she later accuses of ..

S22E68 - Teen Breaks Off ..

A troubled teen is accused of stealing money from her grandmother af..

S22E67 - Pick Axes and Su..

An Uber driver claims a mother/daughter duo took a pick axe to her c..

S22E66 -Pants From Thaila..

A woman sues her business partner for the value of her pants invento..

S22E65 -Commission Missio..

A warehouse worker claims his boss wrongfully terminated him for ask..

S22E64 - Single Mother Br..

A woman is accused of breaking into her mother's house, claiming she..

S22E63 - Here's $30K: Go ..

A man makes the mistake of adding his lover to the deed on his house..

S22E62 - Give Me Back My ..

A woman sues her stepdaughter for the return of her puppy because sh..

S22E61 - Generous AuntUng..

A married couple and their four children are accused of trashing a f..

S22E60 - Short RomanceLon..

When a man backs out of a trip with his new girlfriend, she comes af..

S22E59 - Domestic Abuse o..

A woman defends her actions after charges she filed against an ex-lo..

S22E58 - Don't Miss Date ..

When a man decides to hang out with friends instead of his live-in l..

S22E56 - Officer Byrd Set..

Car values from Byrd's Blue Book seal the fate of a used-car salesma..

S22E55 - Newlywed Yelps A..

A caterer says a bride tried to blackmail her by demanding money in ..

S22E54 -Man Pays Ex-Lover..

After a breakup, a woman claims her ex-lover offered to pay all of h..

S22E52 - SmokingSquatting..

As a good deed, a woman takes in her nephew's homeless friend who tu..

S22E51 - Electric Scooter..

A woman claims the yapping of a neighbor's small dog caused her to f..

It's All Very L.A.!; Moth..

The judge admonishes a young woman for sizing up a mechanic based on..

S22E49 - Teenager Challen..

A teenager accused of keying an ex-friend's car shows no fear in the..

S22E48 - Don't Trust Men ..

A chance meeting turns into lawyer's fees, harassment and jail time;..

S22E47 - Car Sale Gets Pe..

When a woman's vehicle is repossessed, she tells the car salesman's ..

SE - Homeless Ex Assaults..

During a heated argument, a man says his ex-girlfriend broke his fla..

SE - Make a Teenager Watc..

The judge dispenses wise advice to a teen who is hanging out with th..

SE - Groom Gets Cold Feet..

A man abandons his fiancée and is accused of stealing property; a l..

S22E39 - Biker Tackled by..

A motorist is accused of tracking down a biker who annoyed him and t..

S22E38 - Slashed Tires an..

A restraining order, slashed tires and accusations of theft come int..

S22E37 - Street Cat Fight..

A mother of two suffers a broken nose at the hands of her sister-in-..


No description

S22E15 -Sardines and Dr. ..

After fighting over bad checks and missing money, ex-lovers escalate..

S22E14 -Don't Sell Dogs t..

A woman admits she made a mistake when she sold a German shepherd to..

S22E13 -Teen Assaults Wom..

The judge accuses a mother of covering for her mace-wielding teenage..

S22E12 -DrugsKids and Feu..

A father is sued for claiming his children, who were taken by CPS, a..

S22E11 -Heartthrob Concer..

A 9-year-old's birthday party ends in accusations of assault, bullyi..

S22E10 -Harlequin Great D..

A woman demands that her Great Dane be returned after a long absence..