Iyanla, Fix My Life


Iyanla Vanzant is an accomplished author, inspirational speaker, talk show host, and living testament to the value in life's valleys and the power of acting on faith. Iyanla has had a ...

S8E20 - Monifah: Fame Ove..

Iyanla tells singer-songwriter Monifah she was out of order as a mot..

S8E17 -Female Felons: Hea..

Matilda is forced to face charges in the Court of Life; she admits s..

S8E16 -Female Felons: Hea..

Prison daughters and biological daughters compare notes; for Matilda..

S8E15 -Basketball Lies: B..

Former NBA star Jason Maxiell has cheated on his wife Brandi for the..

S8E11 - The Return of Nef..

Former reality stars Neffe and her husband, Shelby, aka Soullow, ret..


No description

S8E9 -Sex Workers: Addict..

Two sex workers are forced to fight for their lives as Iyanla strugg..

S8E7 -Sisters With Secrets

Jackie wants a relationship with her first-born daughter who was rai..

S8E6 - Broken Reality: Tr..

Divorced for two years, reality star Trina Braxton continues to fill..

S8E5 - Crack AddictionAba..

While counseling the Mitchell brothers, Iyanla asks an unrepentant L..


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No description

S8E1 - Kidnapped at Birth

Iyanla Vanzant works with Kamiyah Mobley, a young woman who was kidn..

S7E16 - Of Murders and Me..

Iyanla continues to work with four ex-convicts who are having troubl..

S7E15 -Of Murders and Men..

Years after their release, four convicted murderers are still unable..

S7E14 - Marriage in Crisi..

Iyanla continues to help three marriages on the brink of catastrophe..

S7E11 - Childhood Rape: M..

Part 2 of 2. Iyanla works with five men who were victims of childhoo..

S7E10 - Childhood Rape: M..

Part 1 of 2. Iyanla works with five men who were victims of childhoo..

S7E9 - Rapper’s Remorse

Turk, of Hot Boys fame, and his wife Erica are struggling to save th..

S7E8 - Surviving The Puls..

Iyanla counsels six survivors of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclu..

S7E7 - Broken Reality: La..

Laura Govan, former reality star of Basketball Wives, works with Iya..

S7E6 - Family Of Lies (Pa..

Iyanla's healing process is threatened when the family matriarch con..

S7E5 - Family Of Lies (Pa..

Iyanla continues her work with a family who has been estranged for 1..

S7E4 - Family Of Lies (Pa..

Iyanla supports six sisters trying to heal their family after 19 yea..

S7E3 - Growing Up Jackson

Iyanla provides counsel for Taryll Jackson and his girlfriend of 10 ..

S7E2 - Broken Reality: Ne..

Iyanla delves deeper into the baggage of former reality stars Neffe ..

S7E1 - Broken Reality: Ne..

Former reality stars Neffe and Soullow's toxic marriage is on the br..

S6E10 - House of Healing:..

In Part 3, Terrance leaves the house while other men continue their ..

S6E9 - House of Healing: ..

In Part 1, Iyanla invites six men into her House of Healing to fix t..

S6E8 - House of Healing: ..

In Part 1 of a three-part episode, Iyanla invites six black men into..

S6E7 - Lotto Drama

In early 2015, Marie Holmes was a single mother working at Wal-Mart ..

S6E6 - Fix My Broken Fami..

A special two-part episode continues as Iyanla tries to heal the Hen..

S6E5 - Fix My Broken Fami..

The Henry family is in crisis. Dwight is a serial cheater with an ad..

S6E4 - House of Healing ..

In the emotional conclusion to Iyanla's House of Healing special, th..

S6E3 - House of Healing ..

In Part 3 of this special event, Iyanla encourages the women to reve..

S6E1 - House of Healing ..

The Season 6 premiere features Iyanla working with eight women who'v..

S5E8 - Fix My Fall From O..

Iyanla helps Olympic figure skater Debi Thomas the first African Ame..

S5E7 - Fix My Olympic Fal..

Former Olympic figure skater Debi Thomas, who has fallen on hard tim..

S5E6 - Fix My Delinquent ..

Advising a woman who is raising her grandson because of her daughter..

S5E5 - Fix My Dependent S..

Two co-dependent sisters, one of whom has an addiction, are helped.

S5E4 - Fix My Toxic Obses..

A former model is helped with her obsession for dangerous butt injec..

S5E3 - Fix My Secret Life..

Conclusion. Two closeted gay pastors are advised.

S5E2 - Fix My Secret Life..

Iyanla provides counsel for gay pastors Derek and Mitchell and encou..


Iyanla travels to Louisville, Kentucky, to help two pastors whose tr..

S4E7 - Fix My Family Lov..

Hosts help a woman and her mother-in-law see eye to eye.

S4E6 - Fix My Angry Father

Life coach Iyanla Vanzant travels to New York, where a father's marr..

S4E5 - Fix My Fractured F..

Hosts help a well-off couple in a troubled marriage.

S4E4 - Fix My Dysfunction..

Hosts help sisters who fell out over a man.

S4E3 - Fix My Toxic Famil..

Sisters address their dysfunctional relationship.

S4E2 - Fix My 600-Pound S..

A 600 lb. woman is confronted with leaving her bed for the first tim..

S4E1 - Fix My Celebrity P..

The host helps the stars of "Love & Hip Hop" co-parent.

S3E7 - Fix My Fatherless ..

Two brothers claim that their absentee father hid a secret for nearl..

S3E6 - Fix My Secret Affair

Iyanla helps a Detroit married couple who are dealing with dishonest..

S3E5 - Fix My Fractured F..

A couple with three children get help with their troubled marriage.

S3E4 - Fix My Dysfunction..

Two San Antonio sisters get help working through a romantic rivalry ..

S3E3 - Fix My Abusive Mar..

A Dallas wife confronts her abusive husband.

S3E2 - Fix My Secret Addi..

Iyanla works with a 28-year-old meth addict.

S3E1 - Fix My Football St..

In the third-season premiere, Iyanla helps NFL player Terrell Owens ..

S2E3 - Fix My Diva Life

A radio DJ is caught between her new husband and her teenage son.

S2E1 - Fix My Rap Star Life

Iyanla helps DMX manage his feelings.